The Buck Stops

After WWII it was a common perception that in terms of the presidency and the United States as a whole that “the buck stops here”.  We had the preeminent system of government, military, and economy.  Even as the Soviet Union controlled their sphere of influence, America continued to grow and expand its power.  Of course by 1991 we witnessed the official end of the soviet empire.  In fact the soviet empire by that time had become a dead shell of its former self.  Internally the Soviet Union had been dying from the inside out since the late 60’s.  The reasons for the soviet demise and the demise of any empire are many and complex.  Fundamentally though it was a stubborn adherence to ideology at the expense of the living reality of the nation which dooms a state.  We can see that the very willingness to adapt to economic and social realities in China have been the source of their continued ascension to the heights of power.

Perhaps on this Memorial Day we can look inward and see that we in America shall soon join past empires in history if we do not adapt.  George Bush is indeed the worst president in the history of this nation for a number of reasons.  Economically, he has sold out the American dream at the pleasure of profit.  Politically, he has sown the seeds of despotism and the death of democracy at home.  Militarily, he has sacrificed our lives in a war of aggression based on lies. 

We should not grant Bush so much credit though.  Can we really believe that an idiot like him can actually pull off such a coup from within?  The truth is Bush is as much a tool as the rest of the American people in this takeover.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Osama has not been caught?  The same people that installed Bush in the presidency have facilitated 9-11 as a means of taking power.  The coming economic depression, global conflict, and loss of the rights of man are the price we shall all pay for our complacency. 

On this Memorial Day the heart of the American dream is among the freshly dug graves of those dying in Iraq.

Your Government is in Control America


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