Review: Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner (Worcester, MA)


The first time I told my father that I had gone to this place called Ralph’s and that they had great cheap beers and awesome shows he replied “You mean that place hasn’t collapsed yet? When I used to go there you could feel the whole upstairs move when the place was really rocking”.

            While I’m unsure if it’s the actual building moving or just my consciousness shifting from the booze and tunes, it’s hard to look at the place the same way again after the first time you’ve gone there and really experienced it.  What at first looked like a strange social experiment of bizarre engineering, now seems as comfortable as if grabbing a beer from the fridge and sitting in my living room.

            The best part about Ralph’s is that after going there for a while you realize that no-one cares.  While you may continue to believe that you’re so important with your facebook updates of how classy you are, the reality is that you’re not.  Just like a small moment of zen, Ralph’s can be that small island of equal footing for all amongst a sea of fetched hungry little egos.

            There’s not much better than a burger and a couple of cold Narragansetts either.  


            RIP Ralph!






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