Review: VIA Italian Table

            For the price I don’t think VIA is really worth the money.  Unless you have been there before and have a targeted knowledge of what is good and what to stay away from.  Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the pervious reviews when it comes to the staff, they are let’s put it bluntly… not good.  The atmosphere is a bit strange which is not a result of the beauty of the building which is spectacular.  It rather, it a product of a hard to define lack of experience on the part of the staff and possibly the management since they are ultimately responsible.

            Sit out on the covered patio if possible, try the tomato w/ mozzarella and basil salad with a large, square, thin crust, brick oven pizza; the price is less than the other entrees and far superior.  With many other options on Shrewsbury Street for Italian food, to waste your time on entrees is a mistake.  The main dishes are overpriced, bland Italian cuisine lacking in imagination and flavor.

            For me there are just too many other options at a better value with better food to come back other than to find a place to take a group of people too large to fit in the better Italian kitchens around.





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