Welcome to Buckethead Land

     Up front waiting for my dad.  There are two deformed Beethoven and Mozart busts. A rubber chicken.  I have brought a nightlight in the shape of Mickey for him as a gift.  There is a true bucket head fan here in dreads and she cannot stop talking about Buckethead.  There are some fanatics here already.  Some newbies too.
     I mentioned the deli creeps to this chic and she was like I was just born when the deli creeps were around!
The girl real into buckethead said he opened for Annie Defranco… Interesting…

     The stage is strewn with Texas chainsaw massacre like paraphernalia but the crowd seems naive yet hopeful.  Nervous yet excited.  Not quite sure what to expect.  Someone outside in line said they had heard that he was either 5 feet or 7 feet tall.
     That One Guy opened and he was pretty amazing.  There seems to be a question from those in the back as to whether what he was doing was real but from the front row it was quite amazing to watch.  He basically built a musical instrument out of metal and tubes and it functions as a drum, guitar, bass, cello, etc…
     As the rest of my family was lingering around in back I tossed my mickey mouse nightlight up on stage as an offering and headed back to meet them.  Mulled around for a bit and waited for Buckethead.
     I want to make this clear… I will not explain or rationalize this guy.  If you had the chance look up his videos for yourself, check out his stuff, and go see him in concert. 
     Honestly, my dad had built up the guy so much that it could never really live up to the hype but i’ll just say that when he quickly came out on stage and launched right into his show with his white mask, the very length of his fingers and his height made it look like an alien on stage. 
     I have never heard more sound and more raw musical energy in one person before.  His sound uses loops and cut-offs and heavy riffs combined with softer more melodic interludes.  It is evident that he has great pure musical technical ability.  He must have played for an hour and a half straight, no breaks.  The crowd who were just standing there in awe was more tired at the end of the show than he appeared to be. 
     If you have a chance to check him out in concert do it.  But get your tickets early because the guitar hero crowd is pretty into him and the tickets sell out fast.
     My dad saw Jimi Hendricks back in the day and he still says that Buckethead is #2 behind Jimi.
Buckethead at The Middle East

Buckethead at The Middle East




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