The Brain is an Electrical Organ

The brain is an electrical organ.  That is a fact.  Another fact is that one of the fundamental forces of the universe is electro-magnetism.  The following article from MSNBC entitled Magnetic device aims to treat depression patients raises some fundamental questions in my mind as to the nature of our brains and our environment.


As stated in Wikipedia  “A changing magnetic field produces an electric field… Similarly, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field.”


We can witness this force in something as mundane as a microphone or a speaker.  The same force is also surrounding the Earth with a field created from the independent movement of the liquid iron core of the planet. 


Some questions:


  • If both the Earth and our brains are producing electromagnetic fields can the two interact?
  • If our brains produce an electromagnetic field do all the animals of the earth as well?
  • How do people’s electromagnetic fields interact with one another?
  • Can the electromagnetic field of our brains extend outside of the physical body?
  • Can we control the electromagnetic fields which our brains produce? To what effect?
  • Do the modern electric devices we use such as computers and cell phones affect our electromagnetic brains? 
  • We know magnetism can act remotely in space, and that electricity can travel very quickly given a conductor. Are there parallels in our brains? Can this explain powers of telepathy and extra-sensory perception?
  • Is there a correlation between the electromagnetic field of the earth and the chemistry in people’s brains?
  • Does the shifting of the magnetic north and south poles affect us?
  • Are we surrounded by an electromagnetic field that is influenced by our moods, emotions, and mental state?
  • Can we use the field to influence our own moods, emotions, and mental state?
  • What are the physical effects on and from the electromagnetic field?
  •  Is our consciousness an electromagnetic field?  If so, how is it similar to and different from those of animals and the earth itself?
  • Does the movement of all the matter in the universe create its own electromagnetic field? Does this field approach what we would conceive of as God, or a universal consciousness?


The Brain as an electrical organ

The Brain as an electrical organ


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  1. Take a look at this… something I wrote connecting whatyou said with an ancient indian traditon…

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