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Restaurant Review: One Love Cafe (Worcester, MA)

            A true hidden gem located in the heart of main south in Worcester.  Located right next to the ARTichoke Co-op Natural Food Store, this special restaurant is run by a lovely woman by the name of Venice.  We came on a Thursday evening just after a thunderstorm had come through, creating a humid yet cool breeze which helped dispel the heat from the kitchen.  

            Thursdays are buffet nights and while myself, my wife, and another couple were the only dinners to begin with, by the end of our meal the restaurant was full of people.  From college student regulars who come for the home cooked food at affordable prices, to older couples looking to explore their island pallet.

            The homey feel of the restaurant was matched by the welcoming and unhurried attention from the staff.  Venice especially makes it her personal mission to make sure that not only do you get a delicious meal, but you feel at ease and enjoy your time there.            Truly it was one of the most pleasant dining experiences I have ever had.  With none of the pretentious attitude that you may find at some establishments, the food here is beyond flavorful.  From the refreshing watermelon water to the delicious fried plantains and salad to the main courses of jerk chicken and curried goat, each taste was an exploration of flavor.  We sat long after our meal enjoying the conversation, some good brews we had brought, and a very tasty coconut cake.

            When you come, don’t rush, don’t get uptight if they don’t have some of the menu items at the time, and don’t worry man!


One Love Cafe