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The last summer of George

          With gas at $4 and no end in sight we are entering the final act of the tragedy that is the presidency of George W. Bush.  A true global pyramid scheme, the global consortium of banking and oil which has installed GW Bush and has controlled the agenda for almost 8 years is now in a profit reaping feeding frenzy.  The billions of people that walk the earth are the food for this cannibalistic machine of power and wealth.  As January 2009 approaches and with the assumption of a new president on the horizon, the last stages in the life cycle of this incarnation of the beast play out.  As billions of people starve the oil interests who directly installed GW Bush in the 2000 election take their fill.  The planned occupation of the Middle East continues to try and achieve its goal of connecting control of oil reserves and pipelines from Afghanistan and Iraq to the Caspian Sea. 

            Thinking of the state of current global commodity prices, foreign exchange rates, and debt markets one cannot help but ask how this state of economic affairs benefits those interests who stand to profit from high food and energy prices, a weakened US dollar, and a never ending military contract and defense operation.  Think of the US’ reaction after 9-11 and ask who stands to benefit from the Invasion of Afghanistan and the passage of the patriot act.  Think of who benefits from the US’ invasion and occupation of Iraq.  Ask how the son of Texas oil men with close connections to Saudi Arabian oil men benefits from oil prices at historical highs.  Ask how the son of a former director of the CIA, Vice President, and then President benefit from the continuation of the “war on terror”.  Ask how the son of the Saudi BinLadin Group and former CIA operative against Moscow benefits from bearing responsibility for the events of 9-11.  Ask who not capturing Osama Bin Laden benefits?

            When viewed together and with the benefit of hindsight a picture emerges.  What more will the global interests reap in this final act? 


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